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Żeromskiego 168, Chłapowo

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501 197 450, 501 059 835

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We are open all year round. We kindly invite you to visit Lazurowe campsite, which is situated right beside the sea. The campsite guarantees spectatular views due to its unique cliff location. There are two pathways to the beach. One is a cobbled gently sloping path along the ravine(it is also well-lit at night)and another one leads down the stairs.


The campsite offers comfortable pitches for tents, caravans and campers including parking space. We also offer caravans for hire with adjacent blue pavilions, grill, garden table and benches. Our leisure complex provides two modern and well-maintained sanitary facilities with running hot water supply 24 hours a day, as well as a kitchenette equipped with fridges, cookers, kettles, microwaves and washing machines. On the premises there are also numerous amenities such as a playground, a sports field and a bigger covered pavilion with a TV set and billiard table. A grocer's, a restaurant and a bakery are situated right in front of the campsite. For your safety, the campsite is guarded at night.